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    Top 5 Interior Decor Trends for Spring 2021

    One thing the majority of us have in common is we spent A LOT of time at home in 2020. As a result, the importance of creating and maintaining an environment we associate with peace and tranquility, quickly became a priority for many of us. We’ve seen (and felt) the shift of home going from a personalized space to being reappraised as a personal sanctuary. 

    For many, the spring symbolizes a time of renewal. Likewise – it’s also associated with cleaning, rearranging, and swapping out decor to match the cheerful awakening that is happening outside. In celebration of the season we’ve compiled our favorite decor trends for Spring 2021. 

    Modern and Minimal

    Modern minimalism never goes out of style, it evolves. Our very own Austin Sizemore is an enthusiast of minimalist decor and an advocate of “sometimes less is more”. Choosing a few show-stopping pieces you absolutely adore and eliminating those unnecessary items will draw more attention to your seasonal highlights. Spring cleaning – a phrase we’ve been hearing frequently these days so hope on the bandwagon,kick the clutter, embrace the essential and take your decor to the next level this season. 

    Natural Hues

    Earthy tones are always a safe default when it comes to selecting warm colors. Added bonus, they can also produce a calming effect and are easily coordinated with indoor plants. Bring the natural colors of the beach, mountains, forest, or desert into your home by decorating with the neutral tones that remind you of your favorite, natural oasis. 

    2021 Pantones 

    If you like a little more color contrast in your home, you may want to consider the pantones of 2021. According to the experts at Pantone Color Institute, this year’s colors are “ultimate gray” and “illuminating yellow”. Spring is synonymous with the color yellow and the bright, refreshing taste of lemon. Consider using lemons to incorporate a pop of color into your spring decor. It also gives you the opportunity to use the phrase: “when life gave me lemons, I used them as decor.” 

    Luxe and Livable 

    As a residual effect of many people shifting to schooling and working from home, we are seeing a rise in demand for furniture that serves multiple purposes. Many people are addressing their unused spaces and converting them to be more multi-functional and versatile. Eco-conscious design, durable fabrics and comfortable upholstery are also gaining popularity as an increasing number of us spend more time at home these days. 

    Country Chic 

    Farmhouse decor has been all over Instagram and Pinterest for quite some time now. Its aesthetic recounts a “simpler time”, which many of us dreamed of over the last year. This year’s elevation of farmhouse is the country chic trend. While it retains the cozy component of farmhouse, Country Chic brings forth a fresh and modern essence to rustic simplicity. 

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